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Finding the right work/life balance is not easy to achieve but when we do we improve our health, relationships and overall happiness. Technology has made us accessible around the clock and time away from work commitments and demands are becoming more elusive. Here are some tools to put you on the right track to free up your time and enjoy the things you love:
Just say no
Learn when to say no to social occasions and work

In today’s competitive workplace, being good at your job and producing results may not be enough to get the recognition you deserve.  Your long-term career success depends on winning the attention of others (for the right reasons), showing initiative and demonstrating that you can offer great things for the company. Follow these tips to help you get noticed at work:
Speak up
How many times have you been in a meeting and stayed silent out of fear

The more productive and efficient you are at work, the more time you will have in your personal life free of stress. If you often find yourself at your desk hours after everyone has gone home, you need to identify why. Here are 7 tips to increase your levels of productivity at work.
Keep a diary
Keep a daily productivity log to see how you are spending your time. You may be surprised to find out how

Social Media sites are increasingly part of our everyday lives. We use them to show off our latest holiday photos, communicate with friends and family all over the globe and express our opinions and feelings. Social media is also a great way to show a future employer why they should hire you. 60 percent of employers will use a social media site to research a job candidate so it is important to make sure yours

Feedback at work is valuable  to encourage certain behaviors and let us know when we are doing a great job. Unfortunately, not all feedback is positive and criticism is an inevitable confrontation we will face at work. How we handle it will demonstrate our ability to handle pressure and come up with solutions to problems. More importantly, constructive criticism will help address weakness to allow us to develop and progress in our job. Here are four

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