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Do you often find yourself staring into space, constantly checking your emails or messenger service, or feel burdened by your workload? If so, you may need to find ways to improve your concentration.

Mind wandering is time consuming, frustrating and unproductive but it can be controlled.
Deal with problems before you enter work
We often let our mind wander or are easily distracted because we are worried or have negative thoughts entering our head. If you feel yourself

Taking on more responsibilities at work will develop your skills, challenge your abilities and get you recognition from your employer. Like everything in life, you cannot sit around and wait for opportunities to come to you. If you want to progress in your career, you will have to actively seek out opportunities.

Here are 5 ways to show your employer that you are ready for the next step to progress in your career.
Show an interest in

There are no set rules for what makes a good leader, but there are a number of traits that great leaders possess. Successfully leading a team comes down to your ability to remain focused, deal with stress and emotions and project a figure that you want others to support and emulate. In turn, you are opening yourself up to criticism so you need to possess self-assurance but know when you are wrong.

Leadership is not exclusive

As well as technical skills and qualifications, employers are seeking candidates with a strong set of soft skills. Soft skills are your unique selling point – they will make you more aware, more employable and a pleasure to be around. Like any skill, soft skills can be learned and will benefit you in all areas of your life, both professionally and personally. Increasing your soft skills is not a quick fix but there are

Most offices are formed by groups of different ages, interests, personalities and backgrounds. While this may make and organization stronger, it doesn’t necessarily mean people will get on. This thrown in with an environment where you are often working to deadlines and relying on others to produce quality results, it can often be the source of conflict among colleagues.

You do not have to get on with all your colleagues on a personal level, but it

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