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How to Get On With Your Colleagues

Most offices are formed by groups of different ages, interests, personalities and backgrounds. While this may make and organization stronger, it doesn’t necessarily mean people will get on. This thrown in with an environment where you are often working to deadlines and relying on others to produce quality results, it can often be the source of conflict among colleagues.

You do not have to get on with all your colleagues on a personal level, but it is important to have a positive working relationship with them. Interpersonal team skills will not go unnoticed by management and getting on with the people that surround you for 40 hours a week will make your work life much more enjoyable:

Make the effort to get to know them

If the only time you talk to your coworker is work related, you need to put in more effort. Strike up a conversation, ask them about their home life, family and interests. Suggests going for coffee at lunch or organize an event after work where you can relax and get to know each other. People are generally a lot more productive and creative when they feel comfortable and do not shy away from their ideas.


Learn your colleague’s names and say hello to them each morning. Smile when you pass them and ask them about their day. Show a genuine interest in their answers by listening. Small gestures are very effective.

Avoid office gossip

Office gossip is petty and will always come back to bite you. It is unprofessional to negatively gossip about your colleagues and management. If you are in a situation where you do not feel your colleague is contributing or letting the team down, speak to them first to see if there is an issue and then bring it up with your manager.

Make the effort

You do not have to attend every work social event but do make the effort once in a while. Out of work activities is where most of the team building takes place. If you are unable to attend for genuine reasons, then still show and interest by asking how it was the following day or asking to see photographs.

Include people

We were all the new person once so make everyone feel welcome. Avoid joining cliques even if you are all the same age with the same interests. Be respectful of others’ age and interests and drive conversations and social outings based on your mixed audience and not just your interests.

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