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Find the Right Work / Life Balance

Finding the right work/life balance is not easy to achieve but when we do we improve our health, relationships and overall happiness. Technology has made us accessible around the clock and time away from work commitments and demands are becoming more elusive. Here are some tools to put you on the right track to free up your time and enjoy the things you love:

Just say no

Learn when to say no to social occasions and work demands. If you tend to say yes to things, take a few minutes before answering and review what you have on for the week already. If you’re busy then say so and do not feel bad about it. Technology has helped our lives in many ways but it has also made us accessible every moment of the day. Do not react to every email out of hours, or choose not to check them during the weekends. By not reacting to every demand, you will develop a stronger habit of resilience and resilient people will feel a greater level of control over their lives knowing that ‘no’ is a viable answer. You will not lose your friends by saying no to drinks every night after work. Find the right balance between socializing and your social life dominating your life.

Leave your work at work

If you have a big project due the next day, then of course work late and finish it, but do not bring your work load home with you every day –  and this doesn’t just mean physical work. Before you leave the office, write down a list of any outstanding tasks that can be left for the following day, take a deep breath and leave. Making a record of your due tasks will allow closure so you can relax in the evening and not mentally carry the burden of what needs to be done. Complete the tasks first thing the following morning when you are feeling productive.

Work smarter

When you are at work, work. It may seem like obvious advice, but we waste a surprising number of hours procrastinating – checking emails, phones and social media. This will only delay what needs to done which is why many of us are working late or take our work home with us. Work smarter, not harder.

Be active

Physical exercise is important for the mind and general wellbeing. If you spend the entire day at work in front of a screen, do not go home and play computer games all night. Change the structure of your routine to include activities and exercise. Start small so you are not setting yourself up for failure. Start with one walk or a gym class a week then increase it. You will be surprised at how much you enjoy yourself and the sense of achievement that comes with it.

Limit time-wasting activities

Make a list of your priorities and hobbies and establish what could be preventing you enjoying them. If working late is stopping you from going to your gym class during the day, find ways at work to be more productive so you can leave on time. If your priority is your family, skip a few after-work activities to spend more time with them. It is about finding the balance between what needs to be done and what makes you happy.


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