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How to get Recognized at Work

In today’s competitive workplace, being good at your job and producing results may not be enough to get the recognition you deserve.  Your long-term career success depends on winning the attention of others (for the right reasons), showing initiative and demonstrating that you can offer great things for the company. Follow these tips to help you get noticed at work:

Speak up

How many times have you been in a meeting and stayed silent out of fear of saying something silly or because you did not think your opinion was worthy? If you have a great idea or think you could improve on a process, then speak up. Managers do not want to hear a list of what is wrong with the company but will welcome suggestions for improvement. Contributing (when asked) during meetings is a sure way to get yourself recognized.

Do more than your job description

Do not see your job description as a limit to your role. Always look for new opportunities to implement positive change and develop your skillset. The more willingness you express to pick up new skills, the more training you will receive, which will pay dividends to your career progression. Step up to challenges as they arise. If you show yourself as capable, you will be a more valuable employee.

Avoid the gossip

As tempting as it is to join in with office politics, it will only distract you from your work and ability to generate results. Do not resort to gossip as a way to gain popularity in the office, it will always come back to you. Gossiping about other members of staff and management is extremely unprofessional. If you do have a problem with management at work, it will work in your favor to organize a meeting to discuss the issues with them. It will show initiative and that you care about the company.

Be a team player

Be alert to your coworkers’ needs and offer to help when their workload is overwhelming – assuming yours is under control. Stepping up to take control of a situation without any personal benefit will never go unappreciated or unnoticed.

Be likeable

Build a positive relationship with everyone in the workplace. From the highest manager to the delivery man, ask how their day is going and find common interests to talk about. A big factor of a person’s success comes down to their likability. This will not go unnoticed by management who will see your willingness and ability to build relationships.

Show initiative

If you have finished your task in half the scheduled time, start on a new project. If the company is using a dated organizational system, implement a new one. Do not wait to be told what to do. Show that you can think on your feet and go beyond expectations.


Networking is invaluable for both your personal and career progression. Attend networking events in your field of work and include yourself in all of your works social activities. If your workplace does not have any, suggest some. Speak to your manager about introducing a monthly lunch, after work drinks or volunteering event. Explain to your manager that these events are great for team building and that you feel the company will benefit.

Be accountable

People make mistakes and that’s ok. If you do make a mistake, own up to it and do what you can to rectify the situation. Do not blame others or hide it and hope it will go unnoticed. A mistake, no matter how big, will be much easier to fix at the time and your integrity will be commended.

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