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Keep Your Social Media Professional

Social Media sites are increasingly part of our everyday lives. We use them to show off our latest holiday photos, communicate with friends and family all over the globe and express our opinions and feelings. Social media is also a great way to show a future employer why they should hire you. 60 percent of employers will use a social media site to research a job candidate so it is important to make sure yours are offense free and portraying you in the best possible light.

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts when it Comes to Social Media:

Do – Be active on social media

Choose your platform to showcase. LinkedIn is a professional platform and a great opportunity to showcase your work efforts. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date with relevant accomplishments, work experience and education. Make sure your photograph is recent and professional.

Do – Keep it current

Facebook is a great platform to showcase your personality. Update your likes and recommendations so they are current and a representation of who you are now and not when you set up your account ten years ago. Remove any old or offensive photographs that may portray you in a negative way.

Do – Highlight your skills and interests

Employers want to see more than photos of your food. Share links to any blogs or voluntary work you are part of. Take part in discussions that are relative to your job or future prospects.

Do – Check your security settings

Social media, particularly Facebook, regularly changes its privacy settings without notification. Limitwho can see what on your page and approve any photos tags before they go public.

Do Not -Completely lock down your social media from employers

Your future employer will want a little insight into your personality. You can control what photos can be seen by friends only. Filter out anything that can tarnish your professional reputation and highlight anything that portrays you in a good light.

Do Not – Post inappropriate photos

Your 3 am photo shoot is not appropriate material future employees so control your posts. You may also look great posing on a beach in a bikini but that’s not really appropriate for your future employer to see. Control what photos can be seen by members of the public and keep your escapades for your friend’s eyes only.

Do Not – Complain about past or present employees

You may have received negative feedback or had a disagreement with a superior but berating your employer online will look unprofessional and off-putting to potential employers. Who would want to hire someone who moans about trivial things and then publicly berates a company or employer?

Do Not – Publicly display strong affiliations

We are all entitled to an opinion and yours makes you who you are that doesn’t necessarily mean it works in your favor to post politically charged or religious rants. Express your opinion and beliefs but do it tactfully.

This may seem like an obvious list but it is surprising how many people do not follow the rules. Your posts from social media may be deleted but the damage may already be done.

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