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Get the Most out of Your New Job

Starting a new role can seem daunting – you will be nervous, anxious and excited at the same time. A new role is a fresh start to let go of old habits and flourish in your chosen career. Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your new job.

Set yourself goals

Your job should be more than an opportunity to make some money. Before you start, think of a list of milestones you would like to achieve over the next year. What experiences are you looking to gain and how can this role help you to achieve them? Not only will this help you in your career path, it will give you a focus and your new employer will be very impressed with your enthusiasm. Communicate your goals with your employer so your ideas are aligned and they can help you achieve them.

Ask questions

You may be entering the work place as a novice or an expert in your field. Either way, systems and processes will be different and there will be new things to learn. You are a new employee; you will not be expected to know everything and you will not look foolish for asking. Take the opportunity during the first few weeks to ask questions to get a better understanding of your role, processes and company culture.

Don’t be invisible

Initial communication is key. Make sure that there has been a time scheduled to communicate with your new employer at the beginning and end of your first working day. Do not think you are bothering your employer with emails and questions during the first few weeks. This is your adjustment period so take the opportunity to learn and receive feedback on everything you can. Overtime, you can agree the level of communication you will have. Your employer will appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to learn more than your silence and repetitive mistakes.

Remain positive

It is easy to turn fear and frustration into negativity. Focus on the opportunity that you have been presented with. If you feel under pressure with your workload, ask your colleagues or manager how they organise their priorities. If you are confused about your expectations, arrange a meeting so you can go through your role responsibilities and combined goals. There will be a solution to the problem but it won’t be achieved by sitting in silence.

Introduce yourself

Shyness in a new job is expected but try to make an effort to engage with your coworkers. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and include yourself in conversations and lunch outings. Your new colleagues will be the best source of information and make your working environment much more enjoyable.

Ask for further training

Further training is beneficial to you and the company. Enquire what training programmes are available and include yourself in courses that will upskill you. You will be learning valuable skills as well as proving to your employer that you want to progress through the company.


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